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Remote RadEye HR

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The Remote RadEye detachable x-ray sensor is designed to fit into tight spaces that are too small to fit a complete imaging camera. The Remote RadEye HR sensor module sits at the end of a detachable cable that can reach into tiny corners. The camera electronics are mounted in a separate enclosure which can be placed up to one meter away. While designed for portable NDT applications, the Remote RadEye can also be used in fixed installations.

The Remote Sensor head consists of a rugged, light-tight enclosure that is only slightly larger than the sensor itself. The high-resolution RadEye HR sensor covers the 10-90 kV energy range. The Remote Radeye HR uses a direct USB interface with no additional interface module.

Part NumberRM1426
Resolution1650 x 1246
Active Area33 mm × 24 mm
Total Data Rate5 MHz
Max. Frame Rate0.75 fps
Pixel Size20 µm
Output FormatDirect USB

Feature Highlights

  • 33 x 24.9 mm active area
  • Compact sensor module 
  • Direct USB interface from electronics module to host
  • Supports x-ray energies up to 90 kVp
  • 12-bit digital video output
  • Ready-to-run software and drivers


Remote RadEye Family Datasheet Remote RadEye Family Datasheet

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