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iNspect Express Frequently Asked Questions

What is iNspect Express?

iNspect Express is a self-contained machine vision application that runs on Teledyne DALSA Vision Systems, Smart Cameras, and industrial PCs running Windows.

What does it do?

It helps manufacturers ensure product quality by allowing them to easily set up machine vision applications to inspect parts and assemblies as they are being manufactured.

Where can it be used?

All types of online or offline manufacturing or production operations that require verification for quality control. iNspect Express offers a general set of common tools that can be applied across a diverse range of industries from Automotive to Pharmaceutical.

What are some typical applications?

Presence/absence of features, part alignment, part measuring, package and content inspection, bead inspection, surface inspection (looking for scratches, stains or irregular features), ID verification (barcode and 2D), character reading, label inspection, color verification etc.

What makes it easy to use?

iNspect Express is built on a simple interface framework, with wizard-like capabilities, that guide users through the setup process. All of the complexity normally associated with vision algorithms has been carefully abstracted in favor of more logical and intuitive control.

How many cameras can iNspect Express interface?

iNspect Express can interface and process data from up to 8 cameras. These cameras can be configured for synchronous (all triggering at the same time) or asynchronous (each camera triggers independently) operation. Support for multiple cameras significantly reduces the deployment cost per camera.

What type of cameras are supported?

Analog, Firewire or GigE cameras are supported by iNspect. Analog cameras are only supported by the Vision Appliance hardware, whereas Firewire and GigE (Teledyne DALSA Genie cameras) are also supported for PC configurations.

What are GigE cameras?

GigE stands for Gigabit Ethernet. These cameras are relatively new technology that use 1000BaseT Ethernet for transporting images to the vision controller. The major advantages of this technology are distance (up to 100 meters) between camera and controller and the ability to use commodity switches to build larger system configurations.

How many job files can I create?

iNspect Express can supports in excess of 1,000 solutions. These solutions can be dynamically switched via I/O or network commands. Solutions can also be switched using the iNspect Express GUI.

How do users access the iNspect Express GUI?

Depending on the vision system being used, the iNspect Express GUI is accessed either through a network as a web application or locally via a desktop interface.

What if my production line is miles away?

No problem! Our web browser interface enables you to check the status of your production line whether it is a few feet or half a world away.

How robust is the underlying technology?

Our evolving technology has been used to service manufacturers for over 20 years. Teledyne DALSA is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing machine vision components and systems for industrial deployment.

Do I need a PLC?

Not necessarily. Many manufacturers are already using PLCs for process control, so it's natural to interface the vision components with them. Other manufacturers only need to perform point inspections and for these tasks a PLC is not usually required.

What PLCs does iNspect Express support?

iNspect Express supports several common protocols such as Modbus and Ethernet/IP, as well as direct support for many PLCs. Teledyne DALSA is also a Rockwell Automation Encompass partner.

How can I diagnose setup problems?

To make setup and debug easier, iNspect Express records information (images + results) on recent passed, failed and reworked parts; It also allows users to store images that can be run on the offline emulator. This is very useful for fine tuning the application without disrupting the online process..

What if I need help in choosing the correct lighting and lens for my application?

Teledyne DALSA channel partners have been trained in lighting and lensing techniques and are ready to help.

Where do I go if I need support?

Teledyne DALSA channel partners are situated in 26 countries. You can also use the support hotline that is monitored daily (email:

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