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Sapera Nitrous

Sapera Vision Software GPU and Multi-Core CPU Acceleration

Sapera Nitrous is an application acceleration platform for Sapera Vision Software providing seamless support for graphical processing units (GPU) and multi-core CPUs optimization (MCO). Existing Sapera applications can run Sapera Nitrous without modification, immediately leveraging faster program execution.

Sapera Nitrous supports a comprehensive library of highly optimized image processing functions and offers flexible controls to harness the full power of GPU and multi-core CPUs for complex applications. Sapera Nitrous comes bundled with several demos and source code examples to delineate optimum coding practices.

The GPU implementation of Sapera Nitrous is based on NVIDIA® CUDA™ Rev 2.3 and the MCO is based on Intel’s® latest instruction set technology and supports AMD® and Intel® CPUs.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with Sapera Essential with extensive functions set
  • GPU Optimization: Leverages CUDA Rev. 2.3 or higher
  • Multi-Core Optimization: Supported on single or multiple CPU configurations
  • Supports GigE Vision, Camera Link, LVDS and Analog cameras

Key Benefits

  • Harness the power of new host platforms: GPU, mult-core CPUs
  • Seamless integration with Sapera Essential
  • Update, upgrade and outperform... no code change!
  • Extensive camera support
  • Windows 64 and 32-bit ready

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