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PC2-Vision Express

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The PC2-Vision Express frame grabber is a high-performance, PCIe image acquisition board developed for cost-sensitive machine vision applications. The board’s acquisition circuitry is exceptionally versatile and designed to interface with standard (RS-170 and CCIR), nonstandard (progressive scan), RGB and dual-channel analog cameras. The PC2-Vision simplifies camera interfacing by offering fully programmable timing coupled with efficient cabling and a variety of trigger, strobe and asynchronous reset options. It features six inputs and high digitization rates, making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of industrial inspection, identification and gauging applications. The PC2-Vision has been engineered within DALSA's Trigger-to-Image Reliability framework to ensure highly reliable and efficient acquisition control throughout the entire image capture sequence.

Part NumberOR-PC20-VE000-Express
Camera Interface6 CCV (6:1 mux) or 2 RGB (2:1 Mux) or 2 banks of 3 genlocked cameras
Camera FormatRS170, CCIR, or progressive scan
Pixel Clockup to 40 MHz MHz
Number of Camera Taps-
Host BusPCIe x1
Frame Buffer8 MB FIFO
Advanced Features ILUTs
OS SupportWindows XP Pro, Vista, 7, or Linux RedHat 9.0, Mandrake 9.2, Fedora 4.0
SoftwareSapera LT, IFC (32-bit)
GPIOOn-board 8-in/8-out


PC2 Material Composition Product Declaration PC2 Material Composition Product Declaration
PC2-Vision EU ROHS Declaration PC2-Vision EU ROHS Declaration
PC2-Vision Express Datasheet PC2-Vision Express Datasheet
PC2-Vision Express Manual v2.52 PC2-Vision Express Manual v2.52


Feature Highlights

  • Ability to acquire images from up to 6 monochrome cameras, 2 RGB cameras or 2 dual-channel analog cameras
  • Supports standard or custom progressive scan asynchronous reset cameras
  • Each camera has its own vertical synchronization, horizontal synchronization and frame reset input for maximum flexibility
  • Supports frame delay mode cameras for up to 6 simultaneous inputs
  • Parallel I/O port enables easy interfacing to other controllers within the machine vision system

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