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The Anaconda is at the vanguard of vision processing technology delivering dramatic improvements in image capture and data processing speeds while at the same time providing unprecedented board level application control. A powerful PCI-X image processing board, the Anaconda is specifically designed for real-time image acquisition, processing and analysis. It combines a high-speed image acquisition capability with a user programmable FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and PowerPC™ CPU to deliver real-time image processing on a single slot platform. The Anaconda series allows users to combine their proprietary processing algorithms with finely tuned data control and event management functions to deliver high-performance embedded imaging. The Anaconda series is ideally suited for embedded vision applications where large amounts of image processing is required in fields such as diagnostic X-Ray, fluoroscopy, flat-panel inspection, and semiconductor wafer inspection.

Part NumberAnaconda
Camera Interfaceflexible; see datasheet
Camera FormatCamera Link Base, Med, Full
Pixel Clockup to 85 MHz MHz
Bits/Pixelup to 16-bit monochrome or 36-bit RGB
Number of Camera Tapsup to 8
Host BusPCI-64/PCI-X 66
Frame Bufferup to 2 GB
Advanced Features FPGA, PowerPC CPU; see datasheet
OS SupportWindows 2000, XP
SoftwareSapera, Anaconda SDK
GPIOextensive; see datasheet


Feature Highlights

  • PCI-X vision processing board
  • FPGA based for versatile and scalable application development
  • Optimized memory architecture facilitates high-speed real time processing
  • High Speed RISC processor with SIMD architecture
  • Image acquisition from area or linescan Camera Link cameras
  • Trigger-to-Image Reliability ensures secure image capture

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