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Icon: User Programmable Camera

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The Icon™ camera series gives vision system developers unprecedented power and flexibility to develop their own embedded imaging applications. Combining Teledyne DALSA's expertise in image sensors, cameras and image processing with off-the-shelf development tools and libraries, Icon brings a powerful, familiar application development environment and extensive set of imaging libraries to allow developers and OEMs to create and deliver cost effective, customized embedded vision system applications.

Icon begins with high quality image sensors and an extensive camera feature set. But Icon is more than a camera—it is an embedded vision system platform offering control of the hardware and image data to developers through Sapera Embedded Vision SDK, a suite of embedded image acquisition, processing, analysis and control libraries using conventional programming languages like C/C++. The Sapera Embedded Vision SDK package also features powerful tools, making it easier to configure, develop, debug and deploy vision applications.

Icon Camera Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeLine Rate
Icon M640640 x 4807.4 µm60 fps
Icon M10241024 x 7683.75 µm22 fps
Icon M12801280 x 9603.75 µm22 fps

Note: Contact Teledyne DALSA Sales for availability.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple resolutions and sensor technologies, including both color and mono options Color /Mono
  • Fully supported by Embedded Sapera Vision SDK, with unified API across camera models
  • Open platform gives the ability to add custom code and algorithms using C/C++
  • Self-contained unit, operates without a PC
  • Compact, ergonomic design.

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