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Linea Color 4k 48 kHz CL

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The new Linea Color™ line scan camera delivers the exceptional performance and features found in Teledyne DALSA’s current lineup of high-end cameras at an unprecedented price point.

Based on bilinear CMOS technology, the Linea Color camera has a 4k, 7.04 μm × 7.04 μm pixel array, and a 48 kHz maximum line rate. With excellent sensitivity and speed, Linea Color surpasses the requirements of demanding applications—such as materials grading, web inspection, and general-purpose machine vision.  

The Linea Color is a compact, light weight and robust camera with many attractive features, including flat-field correction, multiple ROI, multiple user configuration sets, and calibration coefficients for various lighting conditions.  

The GenICam™ compliant Linea is easy to set up and integrate using a GUI, such as Teledyne DALSA’s Sapera™ camera configuration utility CamExpert, or an ASCII interface using three-letter commands.

Part NumberLA-CC-04K05B
Resolution4096 x 2
Max. Line Rate48 kHz
Pixel Size7.04 µm
Output FormatCamera Link Base, Med. or Full
Size62.0 × 62.0 × 31.0 mm
Mass<190 g
Responsivity320 DN/(nJ/cm²), 12 bit, 1x gain

Feature Highlights

  • Teledyne DALSA's high-sensitivity CMOS technology
  • High-speed 48 kHz maximum line rate
  • 4096 × 2 pixel resolution
  • Low cost and compact
  • Camera Link interface



Linea Color LUT Spreadsheet Linea Color LUT Spreadsheet
Linea Color 4k CL Datasheet Linea Color 4k CL Datasheet
Linea Color 4k CL 3D Model (STP) Linea Color 4k CL 3D Model (STP)
Linea Color 4k Manual Linea Color 4k Manual
Linea Heat Sink Installation Guide Linea Heat Sink Installation Guide

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