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Piranha XL XDR 16k, 125 kHz

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Piranha XL: Multi-line CMOS TDI delivers breakthrough performance

Teledyne DALSA presents our latest multi-line CMOS camera, delivering unprecedented speed and responsivity with low noise. Exposure control allows for seamless variable speed imaging down to stopped conditions on select models.

The new XDR model is optimized for high signal to noise ratio and extended dynamic range, which translates into even better image quality. With its multi-line CMOS TDI design, the Piranha XL already offered many times more sensitivity than anything else in its class; by trading some of its sensitivity for even lower noise and higher full well, the XDR model delivers outstanding images, particularly in high-speed applications.

And it is in those high-speed, high-bandwidth applications where the Piranha XL, with its 16k resolution and 125 kHz line rate, really shines. The Piranha XL’s rock-solid, industry-standard CLHS interface and built-in Trigger to Image Reliability  safeguard every bit in the camera’s full 2.0 GB/s throughput. Not only does CLHS inherently provide data resend and immunity from single bit errors, the camera paired with Teledyne DALSA’s  XTIUM Camera Link HS frame grabber, brings T2IR for monitoring, diagnostics, track and trace, and buffers to prevent data loss.

The Piranha XL offers customizable sensitvity with 4, 8, or 12 rows selectable. 

Part NumberPX-HM-16K12X
Resolution16352 x 12
Total Data Rate2044 MHz
Max. Line Rate125 kHz
Pixel Size5 µm
Output FormatCamera Link HS
Size97 x 97 x 61 mm
Mass685 g
Responsivity1200 DN/(nJ/cm²), 12 bit, 1x gain

Feature Highlights

  • High speed up to 125 kHz line rate –Fast system speed
  • High resolution 16k with 5x5 um pixel size –High system throughput with lower costs
  • High responsivity up to 1,200 DN/njcm2 in 12 bit at 1x gain –Better sensitivity at light starved condition, or lower lighting costs
  • 4, 8, or 12 row mode selectable –More options to choose to meet different application requirements
  • True exposure control –More precise control
  • Bidirectionality –Multiple scans with minimum tact time
  • Enhanced sensitivity in UV region –Images with UV lighting to identify smaller defects
  • LUT for High Dynamic Range imaging –sees more details for both bright and dark scenes
  • AOI and ROI capability –Outputs and calibrates only the region you are interested in
  • Smart lens shading correction –makes your job easier
  • CLHS interface based on field proven HSLink technology –Next generation and reliable data interface for high speed imaging
  • Supports CX4 active optical fiber module –Able to extend cable length to 100s of meters
  • Compact form factor 97x97x61.1 mm –Enable inspection of 3um object resolution with two rows of cameras



Piranha XL 16k 3D Model Piranha XL 16k 3D Model
Piranha XL XDR 16k Datasheet Piranha XL XDR 16k Datasheet
Piranha XL XDR 16k User Manual Piranha XL XDR 16k User Manual
Piranha XL Material Composition Product Declaration Piranha XL Material Composition Product Declaration

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