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Pantera 22M04

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The Pantera 22M04 camera provides 22 megapixels at 3.6 fps using DALSA’s full frame FTF4052M sensor and delivers the highest possible image quality, with lower dark current, lower noise, and higher dynamic range than competitive products. With 5344 x 4008 pixels, 9 µm x 9 µm in size, large field of views can be captured with the ability to resolve very small defects. For example, the camera examining a solar cell that is 180 mm x 180 mm in size can capture in one image the entire solar cell and resolve approximately 45 µm defects with one pixel. In addition, the 100% optical fill factor, 12 bit digitization, and antiblooming allow the camera to produce incredibly detailed images exceeding 63 dB in dynamic range, ensuring high quality inspection.

Part Number22M04
Resolution5344 x 4008
Total Data Rate108 MHz
Max. Frame Rate3.6 fps
Pixel Size9 µm
Number of Camera Taps2
Output FormatCamera Link Base
Size78 x 78 x 70 mm
Mass650 g
Responsivity20 DN/(nJ/cm²) @ 530 nm, 12 bit, 1x gain

Feature Highlights

  • Large Field of View: 5344 x 4008 resolution
  • Full frame CCD architecture for 100% optical fill factor and excellent noise performance
  • 3.6 fps at 22 megapixel resolution
  • Up to 12 bit digitization
  • High Linear Dynamic range >63 dB
  • Low dark current, low fixed pattern noise (FPN), low read noise
  • Excellent antiblooming
  • 0.035 dB/steps for gain adjustment



Pantera 22M04 Manual Pantera 22M04 Manual
Pantera 22M04 Datasheet Pantera 22M04 Datasheet

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