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More pixels. More power.

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Get the big picture. The really big picture.

Introducing Falcon4, the ultra-high resolution and high-speed CMOS camera. With 86 megapixels at 16 fps and a global shutter, the camera offers unique, unprecedented capabilities for large area, high resolution, high speed imaging. Available in both color and monochrome models, the camera is also sensitive into the NIR spectrum.

High resolution applications.

The Falcon4's incredible resolution and throughput serve a variety of challenging applications:

  • Aerial Imaging
  • Reconnaissance
  • Security and Surveillance
  • 3D Metrology
  • Flat Panel Display Inspection

How Big is 86 Megapixels?

The Falcon4's 86 megapixel resolution is truly spectacular and its 16 fps capability with global shutter makes it truly unique. In fact, its resolution is so big it's sometimes difficult to grasp. What does 86 megapixels mean?

  • 10720 × 8064, 6 µm pixels
  • 64 × 48 mm active area
  • Medium format lenses
  • More pixels than 40 HD Screens
  • 129 MB/frame (12 bit)
  • 2.1 GB/s @ 16 fps (12 bit)

Falcon4 Models

Model Resolution Color Interface Pixel Size Frame Rate
Falcon4 86M
Part number: FA-S0-86M16
10720 x 8064 Mono Camera Link HS 6 µm 16 fps
Falcon4 Color 86M
Part number: FA-S1-86M16
10720 x 8064 Color Camera Link HS 6 µm 16 fps
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