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Measuring, Gauging, and Verifying Tolerances

Manufacturing requirements for measurement range from presence verification to checking high-precision dimensional accuracy and geometrical tolerances. Attention to the inspection environment and image quality is as important as the vision algorithms themselves. DALSA sub-pixel measurement tools, combined with the right optics and stable lighting, provide the precision and repeatability to ensure manufacturing accuracy.

Measurement Applications


Strict tolerances on medical instruments

Electrical connector

Bead inspection on automotive components

Fill level measurement


Horseshoe inspection -- line scan image

3D profile measurement

Metal connector inspection


Teledyne DALSA Machine Vision Capabilities and Tools

  • High speed, low light, high resolution image capture
  • High speed Framegrabbers for data acquisition, such as the Xcelera series
  • Sapera, Sherlock, and iNspect software for powerful image processing including:
    • Positioning (search) tools to accurately landmark measurements on moving parts
    • Calibration tools to remove camera distortion and translate sub-pixel measurements locally or globally into real world units
    • Preprocessing tools to manipulate or enhance the camera image to highlight features to measure
    • Edge finding tools to accurately find edge transitions on parts for gauging
    • Shape finding tools to locate distinct shapes like corners on parts
    • Geometric fitting tools to fit lines, angles, arcs, and circles to edge points
    • Math tools to create custom measurements that span multiple cameras
    • Laser tools for measuring height on parts determined by angle of projected laser lines
    • Bead tool to measure thickness and uniformity of adhesive beads or similar applications 
    • Color tools for verifying the amount and location of colored elements.

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