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Product and Part Identification

Identification encompasses a range of machine vision applications that involve reading printed characters and decoding 1D or 2D symbols on products. For traceability of production parts, verification of product lots or grading of print codes, DALSA’s Identification tools are designed for accurate results in the toughest of manufacturing environments.


2D code on pharmaceuticals

Consumer UPC code

Characters on cast metal part

Circular print

Identification Applications

  • Work in process inventory management--verify moving parts through a fabrication process
  • Cradle to grave part traceability
  • Product verification--assure 1D or 2D code matches printed text
  • Product identification and sorting
  • Date and lot code verification
  • Code Verification--detect problems with the marking system for preventive maintenance

2D Matrix Code Readers

2D Codes on PLastic 2D matrix codes are widely used across many industries for part traceability and process control. The codes are popular for their small footprint, built-in error correction and large data capacity.

Teledyne DALSA 2D matrix algorithms provide decoding and grading of popular codes including ECC, QR, MicroQR, and PDF 417.


1D Barcode Readers

Consumer product with UPC code

1D barcodes are commonly used on products for traceability and sorting. Machine Vision verifies that the barcode matches the product that it is printed on.

DALSA's barcode product supports UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Pharmacode, BC412, Postnet, Planet, OneCode, RSS14 (Limited, Composite, Expanded).


Character and Object Readers

Lot code reading

Date codes and lot codes printed on products provide critical expiration and traceability information. Products with unreadable codes become defective as consumers cannot verify product quality.

Character or symbol recognition is common in many maufacturing or production environments.

DALSA products include trainable Object Character Recognition (OCR) tools atha can handle the variation and diversity of most printing methods in use today.

OCR is based on pattern matching and so can be applied to a diverse range of verification applications outside of character reading. Often manufacturers will use OCR to build a library of parts that can later be identified and sorted.


Teledyne DALSA Machine Vision Capabilities and Tools

  • High speed, low light, high resolution image capture
  • High speed Framegrabbers for data acquisition, such as the Xcelera series
  • Sapera, Sherlock, and iNspect software for powerful image processing including:
    • Pattern matching tools for locating and identifying parts or features for alignment
    • Edge tools for detecting the presence, absence, or position of features
    • Measurement tools for checking dimensional accuracy
    • Barcode (1D and 2D) readers for product identification and tracking
    • Print recognition (OCR) tools for product identification, tracking, and readability
    • Count tools for verifying the number of parts or features
    • Surface flaw tools for detecting scratches, cracks, and discoloration
    • Color tools for verifying the amount and location of colored elements.

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