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Color Line Scan

Machine vision cameras have tended to be monochrome, especially in line scan. But color gives information and insight that you just can’t get from shades of gray. So where do you find powerful, affordable, easy to use color line scan options?

Right here.


Teledyne DALSA offers a range of color line scan cameras to serve applications from the most price-conscious to the most performance-hungry. From clever bilinear to benchmark trilinear to innovative quadlinear products that extend into the multispectral range, our latest CMOS line scan cameras give you the power and performance to conquer color imaging applications such as recycling, postal and parcel sorting, transportation, food and web inspection.

Take a closer look…in full color.


Linea 2k, 4k, 8k

Piranha4 8k

Piranha4 2k, 4k

Piranha XL 8k, 16k

Piranha4 Multispectral 2k



Product Information

Linea Color: Affordable Performance

  • Bilinear design for Price Constrained Applications

Piranha4 Color: Power and Multispectral Flexibility

  • Trilinear and Quadlinear
  • RGB+Mono, RGB+NIR

Piranha XL Color: Unprecedented Sensitivity and Throughput

  • CMOS TDI — RGB with four lines for each color
  • Up to 16k resolution @ 70 kHz
  • Opens new frontiers in performance

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