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Vision Core Element

Compact, Versatile Smart Vision System for the Factory Floor

VICORE is a dual camera vision system that combines a variety of Teledyne sensor and software technologies to deliver performance, flexibility and ease-of-integration for applications in industrial automation. 

This versatile system offers excellent performance for inspection applications using traditional 2D imaging, thermal imaging, 3D imaging or a combination thereof. Its small, book style format consumes minimal cabinet space and provides convenient, front-accessible connections for cameras, I/O and system components. This includes a dedicated industrial Ethernet port that offers efficient communication with complementary factory devices using Ethernet/IP or Profinet.

VICORE Vision Core Element
VICORE with Genie Nano camera VICORE with Genie Nano camera

Designed for Automation

  • Excellent performance
  • Wide applicability
  • Embedded application software
  • All-in-one integration
  • Remote access ready
  • No moving parts

Beyond basics, and beyond visible

VICORE is the smart choice for:

  • Dual camera applications
  • Low-cost high resolution (up to 25 Megapixel) applications
  • Thermal applications using Teledyne Calibir™ LWIR cameras
  • 3D applications using Teledyne Z-Trak™ profile sensors
  • Surface applications using Genie™ Nano with multi-segment lighting (Shape from Shading)
with Calibir thermal LWIR camera and Z-Trak 3D sensor

Software Selections

To maximize user and application reach, VICORE offers a choice of embedded application software. New users, or users of Teledyne smart camera technology, can be up and running in minutes with our easy-to-use iNspect™ software. For users that need additional flexibility or customization, our flagship Sherlock™ 7 software has them covered. For users looking to measure height features using 3D profile sensors, our brand new Sherlock™ 8 software does the trick. Sherlock 8 expands on Sherlock 7 capabilities and offers improved ease-of-use.

Compatible Software


Flexibility for experienced vision integrators, enough power for "heavy lifting".

iNspect Express

Convenient, easy to use, ideal for 1st-time users. No programming required.



Part Number VICORE
Interface GigE Vision, Ethernet 100Base-T, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, RS232, Gigabit Ethernet
Interface Details 2xGigE camera ports, 1 x GigE LAN port, 1 x 100Base PLC port
Software Sherlock 7, Sherlock 8, iNspect
Storage Capacity 32 GB
Program Capacity 4 GB
Processor 1.8 GHz quad-core x7-E3950
Operating Temperature -20 — 50 °C
Display Output HDMI
Power Input 24VCD@2A
Serial Communication USB2.0 (x2), USB3.0 (x2), RS232
I/O Details 8 IN/ 8 OUT
Cooling Passive Heat Sink
Mounting Options DIN
Certifications CE, FCC Class A, RoHS
Dimensions 160 x 57 x 90 mm


Document Type
VICORE Datasheet PDF

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