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Scanning X-ray detectors

Introducing Shad-o-Scan

Shad-o-Scan is a family of scanning X-ray detectors specifically designed for the challenging requirements of high-performance industrial and scientific X-ray applications. Industry-leading TDI CCD performance enables the ultimate sensitivity and highest resolution in the industry, and ensures long detector lifetime in even the harshest radiation environments.

Unbeatable Performace

Shad-o-Scan detectors also have among the highest dynamic range in the industry, featuring state-of-the-art 16-bit digitization which allows for X-ray imaging at diminishingly low dose levels. Our unique industrial-grade X-ray conversion stack effectively eliminates imaging artifacts associated with image lag and gain hysteresis. Several scintillators options (CsI and GdOS) are available.

The Real Slim Shad-o-Scan

Shad-o-Scan is  compact, reliable, and power-efficient, satisfying a wide range of imaging requirements with built-in flexibility on controlling the imaging mode and configuring the X-ray sensor. Requiring only 15 Watts at full speed operation, the Shad-o-Scan 8K detector has no need for external cooling, reducing cost and maintenance concerns on the system level. Comprehensive self-diagnostics and 100% in-field firmware upgradability minimizes service overhead.

Family Specifications

Supported Interfaces Camera Link


Model Active Area Resolution Interface Pixel Size Frame Rate
Shad-o-Scan 8K
Part number: SB1525
220 x 6 mm 8160 x 256 Camera Link 27 µm 2 kHz


Document Type
Shad-o-Scan Datasheet PDF
Document Type
Shad-o-Scan User Manual PDF
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