Shad-o-Box HS

Dynamic X-Ray Detectors

High-Resolution Real-Time X-Ray Imaging

The Shad-o-Box HS family of x-ray detectors are high-performance, high-resolution x-ray imaging devices designed for high speed digital radiography applications. Each model combines our x-ray sensor modules with appropriate readout electronics and a 14-bit digital interface for easy connection to a PC. The high-speed digital connection allows real-time imaging at frame rates up to 66 fps, while the state-of-the-art CMOS technology offers superb contrast, dynamic range, and resolution.


Durable and Powerful

The Shad-o-Box HS detectors contain internal shielding to protect the sensor and camera electronics from x-ray radiation. The cameras are optimized for the 40-160 kV energy range, but may be used with x-ray energies as high as 225 kV.

8 standard models in a range of pixel and detector sizes

Family Specifications

Supported Interfaces Camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet


Model Active Area Resolution Interface Pixel Size Frame Rate
Shad-o-Box 0688 HS
Part number: SB1444
68 x 102 mm 688 x 1032 Gigabit Ethernet 99 µm 66 fps
Shad-o-Box 1024 HS
Part number: SB1440
138 x 103 mm 1024 x 768 Gigabit Ethernet 135 µm 35 fps
Shad-o-Box 1280 HS
Part number: SB1350
128 x 128 mm 1280 x 1280 Gigabit Ethernet 100 µm 30 fps
Shad-o-Box 1548 HS
Part number: SB1446
153 x 102 mm 1548 x 1032 Gigabit Ethernet 99 µm 32 fps
Shad-o-Box 1K HS
Part number: SB1573
57 x 64 mm 1152 x 1300 Gigabit Ethernet 50 µm 20 fps
Shad-o-Box 3K HS
Part number: SB1490
114 x 64 mm 2304 x 1300 Gigabit Ethernet 50 µm 20 fps
Shad-o-Box 512 HS
Part number: SB1438
69 x 103 mm 512 x 768 Gigabit Ethernet 135 µm 35 fps
Shad-o-Box 6K HS
Part number: SB1492
145 x 114 mm 2940 x 2304 Gigabit Ethernet 50 µm 9 fps


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