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Area Scan Cameras

Area Scan cameras are ideal for still targets and capturing freeze frames of a scene. Teledyne DALSA’s area scan cameras offer clear high-resolution images with the industries latest sensor technology. Area scan cameras use rectangular sensors that are comprised of a grid of pixels used to capture an image. These come in varying sizes to match perfectly with your application’s form factor requirements. The right sensor for the right application is dependent on several factors, such as resolution, sensitivity, crop factor, frame rate, and much more.

Key Features

From Big to Small

Capturing a range of image resolutions from tiny details with small ¼” sensors, found in the compact Genie Nano Camera line up, to Medium Format sensors found in Falcon4 cameras when the resolution is the highest priority.

Imaging Clarity

Industry’s latest CMOS sensors offering high dynamic range, low-noise sensitivity, vivid color images, and high frame rates.


Teledyne DALSA offers support for a variety of interfaces, such as GigE, 5GigE, CameraLink, CameraLinkHS, and CoaXPress.

Use Cases

Applications can range from a variety of industries including, intelligent traffic systems (ITS), industrial inspection, aerial imaging, and surveillance.

Our Area Scan Cameras

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