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Foundry Capabilities

Manufacturing Advantages

Teledyne DALSA customers can access a truly unmatched toolbox of dozens of proven and patented process modules and techniques. Teledyne DALSA's fabrication strengths include integration of sense and actuation circuitry alongside MEMS structures, flexible wafer-scale packaging, and a range of materials, equipment, and process flows that enable the most advanced MEMS and image sensor performance.

Our MEMS toolbox is how we convert our raw 150mm and 200mm foundry capability into structural materials with the mechanical and electrical properties required by different MEMS applications. It comprises dozens of proven and patented process modules and techniques.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Some of the MEMS manufacturing capabilities we offer:
  • 0.35 µm capable lithography
  • High Q-factor wafer encapsulation
  • High-aspect deep reactive-ion etching (DRIE)
  • Piezo electric materials

  • In-situ doped polysilicon
  • Low stress Silicon nitride
  • Anhydrous HF release
  • Photo definable thick polymer

Manufacturing Expertise

Teledyne DALSA own dozens of patents in fabrication technology. Many of our process technologies are usually considered unconventional or even contradictory in mainstream integrated circuit production, but Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor's foundry services together provide designers and customers with a rare ability to optimize architecture, performance, and reliability to meet the needs of high-volume, mission-critical microsystems in photonics, telecom, biomedical, automotive, and industrial applications.