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Industrial X-Ray

for Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is extremely valuable for evaluation, troubleshooting, research, and quality control in science and industry, and X-ray imaging is an important NDT technique for products including circuit boards, concrete, metal parts and assemblies.

CF lightbulb

High-Speed X-Ray Video

Weld integrity


What inspection tasks do you need to perform?

Could your manufacturing process benefit from vision tasks like these?

  • Verify presence and connection of hidden components
  • Find cracks, voids, or other flaws in assembled products
  • Verify weld integrity
  • Guide a robot for assembly
  • Count the number of welds, teeth, slots, or other such features
  • Perform a critical dimensional measurement
  • Communicate with 3rd party equipment such as robots, PLCs, HMIs, and remote storage
  • Take high-quality x-ray images in the field with portable detectors