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Teledyne DALSA to present at Canadian Space Commerce Association meeting

Posted 9/5/2012

Teledyne DALSA is pleased to be presenting to the Canadian Space Commerce Association at their upcoming meeting. Patrick Myles, Teledyne DALSA's Vice President of Business Development and Communications, will review and highlight the contributions the company has made to space-based imaging projects, past and present.

Beginning over a decade ago with the development of a custom digital camera for the Canadarm2 and leading up to the high profile deployment of image sensors aboard the “Spirit” and “Opportunity” Mars rovers in 2004 and the “Curiosity” rover in 2012, Teledyne DALSA has played an important role in Canada’s space heritage. During his talk, Mr. Myles will describe how Teledyne DALSA has become a global leader in earth and space based imaging with 1,100 employees world-wide and annual revenue of more than $200 million. He will also discuss the 2011 acquisition by US-based Teledyne Technologies, a company with its own decades-long history in aerospace projects, and how Teledyne DALSA is expanding its product offerings beyond visible imaging into the areas of infrared and x-ray imaging, opening up exciting new applications on earth and in space.

The September meeting of the CSCA takes place Thursday, September 13th, 2012 at the Blakes Law Firm, located at 199 Bay Street, Suite 4000, Commerce Court West in Toronto Ontario. For more information, visit

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