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VSD Article Details Flat Panel Color Inspection with Teledyne DALSA Components

Posted 5/10/2011

The May 2011 issue of Vision Systems Design features an article detailing flat-panel display (FPD) production and the crucial role that automated optical inspection (AOI) plays in that process. Entitled "Flat-Panel Color Filter Inspection" and co-written by Xing-Fei He, senior product manager at Teledyne DALSA, and Frank Fang, R&D director for Taiwanese system integrator Utechzone, the article covers the technology behind FPD production and the unique challenges faced in ensuring production remains defect-free throughout the process.

Teledyne DALSA's Piranha3 12-kpixel/5-μm linescan cameras are featured in this article as providing the AOI vision technology necessary to detect defects in-line with the FPD production workflow, without adding delays or compromising production quality. These cameras work together with the Sapera™ Vision Software suite to implement client-designed proprietary processing algorithms suited for their production environment.

Read the complete article at the Vision Systems Design website, and learn more about Teledyne DALSA's Piranha3 line of cameras at the Piranha3 products page.

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